Sunday, 18 March 2012

Comprehensively covered

That's it my girl, now you're going to get a 'very comprehensive carpet-beater spanking'!!! Googler, if you're out there I love your turn of phrase.
A read through the search terms that bring people to this blog is always a treat - it never fails to make me laugh - and today's top phrase is 'very comprehensive carpet-beater spanking'. Now I've had brisk spankings, severe spankings and even merciless spankings, but I don't tend to think of a spanking as comprehensive.
Comprehensive insurance, yes. Comprehensive education, up to a point (I went to what was called a comprehensive school and the education was, to my mind, patchy). But comprehensive spanking? It's an interesting thought and one that will stay with me through my day.  


  1. Hmmm... carpet eater could be a sexual term, but carpet beater? Brings to mind a woman cleaning an entry way rug... I bet you comprehensively beat that.

    I was trying to figure out once why someone searched for "submissive wife" stockings dress -sissy -cuckold and whether or not they found it when they came to my blog.

    It makes me laugh too.

  2. Yes, submissive wife stockings dress -sissy -cuckold is a puzzling combo isn't it? As my gran would say, there's no accounting for taste...