Saturday, 3 March 2012

Lines, what a pain

No corporal punishment in my school, but we did have teachers who were happy to talk about the good old days when bottoms weren't safe from the slipper and the cane. At least one seemed to have a far-away look in her eye when she got onto the subject.
No cane, but we did have detention and that meant having to write lines and/or pointless essays. Tedious.
Sitting there feeling a blister forming on your pen finger, it seemed like time was stuck in slow-mo. My thinking was, how much worse could it be to have your bum whacked? Did anybody else in that detention room have the same thought, I wonder.
I'd read about school CP. Read and re-read all the references I could find and was fascinated by it, so the thought of a lines on my behind instead of writing lines was compelling.
But what about the rest of them in those detention sessions? Back then I'd have said I was the only 'pervert' in that room, but if the stats are right then there was probably at least one other person who - given the choice - would have put a hand up for the short, sharp shock over boring, old lines.


  1. Hi OldFashionedGirl, I'm sure your teachers would have rather caned you than have to supervise a detention. In the case of Elaine, the naughty schoolgirl in the photo, she got lines and then the cane!

  2. Wow! my first thought was to say that sounds a little harsh - one or the other, but not both. But I'm sure you know best...