Monday, 12 March 2012

How's your SQ today?*

*SQ, Spanko Quotient, a measure of an individual's degree of interest in all aspects of activity and imagery relating to corporal punishment fetish.

Over time I come to realise that my spanking mojo - I like to think of it as SQ - isn't a constant. It goes up and down like a yo-yo or should that be in and out like the tide?
Just lately my SQ has been quite low and I'm not sure why, possibly because I've had a virus that I can't shake off. It's something distinct from libido, because that can still be there when SQ isn't.
Certainly when I'm properly ill SQ hits the floor and I start to see the world as it is, without the usual spanko-tinted specs. I find it hard to recognise the bratty, strung-out person I am when it's at the other end of the scale and I'm just a little ashamed of what I sometimes put Significant Other through.
But if I'm a bit saner, I also feel a bit duller. It's like everything's gone from technicolour to shades of grey. The fun goes out of life when that feeling of naughtiness isn't there - and the need for regular attitude adjustment.
So, what I'm interested in knowing is am I alone. Am I alone in the having SQ ups and downs, or are your spanko feelings a constant thing? Don't be shy, please do comment - or at least vote in the poll on the right.


  1. You're not alone ;+))

  2. Feel the same, today is at the higher end of the scale

  3. Sure, my level varies a bit. I voted for 'yes - a little' in the poll, because that best captures it. My spanko drive is always there inside me, but sometimes it's quiet, or it isn't right on the surface. I think your analogy of a shifting tide is a really good one, as tides and inner drives are equally natural things with similar cycles/rhythms.

    And being ill is definitely a killer for SQ!

  4. Perhaps I've hit on something with the tides, without knowing it. Yhey're driven by the moon, aren't they? And the spanko thing seems above and beyond the control of a mere mortal. I think I'll have to start recording my SQ and see if there's any tie-in with phases of the moon.