Sunday, 11 March 2012

Thoughts on being out late

What did I tell you? Sorry. That's not what I asked. What. Did. I. Tell. You. Ten o'clock. Yes, ten. And what time is it now? Quarter to eleven, but I can explain... I don't want to hear explanations, I want you in position. NOW.


  1. Is there something we should know? Have you been out late, or is this just a yummy fantasy? :)

    My, but domestic discipline is HOT. I get a shiver of pleasure just thinking about being given a good hiding for breaking any of the many and repressive household rules set down by my 'guardian'... plus of course a subsequent loss of privileges, plus of course a grounding...

    Explain that to a vanilla feminist!

  2. Largely imagination, sadly. The problem is that the 'many and repressive household rules' here are neither many or particularly repressive.