Sunday, 4 March 2012

Icy chill

Winter's back here today. Step out of the house and the windchill gets you, although it has been chillier indoors than out.
Significant Other and I started yesterday with a row and for the last 24 hours have been in Cold War mode. There's been minimal conversation and the constant threat of further hostilities.
What makes it worse is that SO has just gone off to work and I now regret having not made the first move to end the row. It will go on for at least until late tonight and probably longer.
And the worst of it is that I know I'm being unreasonable. If I'm honest with myself the argument started out because of my unreasonable attitude and a stupid over-reaction. 
Sub-conscious bratting was at the heart of it, I fear. It has been a while and my inner spanko needs to be given a serious warming-up.
And because that's not going to happen with the kids around I get more and more unreasonable.
The trouble I get myself into... 

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