Monday, 19 March 2012

Good marks for bad behaviour

I've waited days for the reckoning. I knew I was in trouble, but figured this morning that Significant Other had possibly forgotten.
Of course not. Kind One is away and the school bus had taken Kid Two away and I was making tea and playing it cool. I may hanker after a spanking 24-7, but when a serious one is in the offing I find that I become very reluctant indeed.
SO was in the bedroom when I passed the door and I heard a stern voice say: "Isn't there something that we need to discuss?" My offence was that I'd been caught in bed at 9am last week with a laptop that was buzzing with some of Spankingtube's hotter hits.
Anyway, to cut a long story short SO takes a dim view of this sort of thing (I blame an overly religious upbringing) so I knew I was in for something that was more serious discipline, than boudoir games. I was sent to collect SO's favourite implement of the moment, a wooden spoon.
Now I know that people think of the wooden spoon as a fairly mild thing, but the one in question is a fearsome implement. I think it's made of denser, heavier wood than is usually used for kitchenware because it packs a surprisingly mighty sting.
Which means I'm now sitting on a very sore bottom. That damn spoon marks like the dickens, leaving little doughnuts of purply-red that take a day or two to fade.
It's an experience that takes me up to the edge of what I can tolerate. Over the knee wasn't too bad, but the ones I got over the end of the bed had me bucking and pitching - and considering using that safe word.
It does make me think about marks and tolerance. This morning's spoon spanking has left me feeling it, but modestly marked by the standards of some of the pictures I see. 
Like this - I don't want to alarm the more sensitive, so here's the link and if you're ready for it take a look. Would I be brave enough to take a punishment like this one? Or like lots of others on Hardhands site? I don't think so, but then in a way I'd like to test myself.

PS Rugby is a big deal in our household. Especially this weekend - Wales won the Six Nations tournament, beating each of the other sides. Interestingly the Six Nations side that comes last gets a booby prize that's called the Wooden Spoon. There's even a rugby charity called Wooden Spoon. As far as I can tell the tradition goes back to the days when Cambridge University gave its lowest scoring student a Wooden Spoon - presumably some implied reference to bottom-smacking?


  1. Ooh, lucky you - I love the wooden spoon! It's got a really unique and lovely sting. Plus a wonderfully kinky domestic discipline quality, of course. Great for mind, body and soul! (And I hope it taught you a lesson, young lady).

    I don't think I'll look at that link just now, though. I enjoy being severely thrashed from time to time, but I don't particularly relish seeing the effects of same on other people. Guess I'm just more masochist than sadist?

  2. Lesson learned (honest). Yes, the great thing about the wooden spoon is that it's the spanking implement that you can take out the drawer and wave around in the kitchen when just anybody is there. Even your mother!